Welcome to our art studio. Based in Tokyo, we are producing and selling productive paintings by utilizing innovative digital tools, including laser cutters and UV printers.

We are dedicated to creating art using industrial methods and exploring how it connects with society. Our theme is "Industrial Painting", which refers to the creation of artwork using industrial materials and techniques such as laser processing and spray painting. Our work pays attention to the fusion of modern technology and traditional art, as well as the generative noise that arises during the production process.

The process of creating something is often filled with uncertainties. However, it is this uncertainty that fuels creativity. By embracing it and manifesting it, we discover new forms of beauty. Our paintings embody this attitude and the art born from dialogues with uncertainty.

At the intersection of art and society, our industrial paintings leave a profound impression on the viewer and offer new perspectives. We hope you can appreciate this charm through our EC site.

Enjoy the art as an interior decoration, as well as our unique art world. Expand your own horizons through our works, where the future and the past, technology and art are fused together. We hope that our creations will inspire you to see the world from a new angle.